D'Amore Capri Restaurant

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The exclusive ambience of the Restaurant D'Amore is composed of different areas, each with its own style apparently different, but in the context married into a perfect harmony dosing expertly new and old. Born, so, the "Table of the House", also known as "Convivial Table", usually the most important table where the hosts welcome guests. A round table in the heart of D'Amore Restaurant, where diners from different backgrounds may have the opportunity to have lunch or dinner together, an ideal place to socialize.
Nearby there is the space "Living", a corner very trendy with its fine white fabric sofas and armchairs Vintage Bonacina created to encourage the ritual of the conversation with the tastes of the typical Mediterranean gourmet revisited by just a touch of nouvelle cousine.
Completing the interior of the Restaurant D'Amore at the other tables, chairs, benches and chairs cleverly arranged in quiet corners where dinner becomes relax.
Those who prefer to breathe the classic walking in the way of the artisan workshops of Capri's oldest, can choose to sit at the tables on the terrace where you can reach out and touch, including a delicacy and the other, the pleasure of doing nothing.