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Ernesto D'Amore, the Founder

Is the soul of the restaurant D'Amore. After a long experience in catering luxury hotel as maitre d'hotel, which started in London and then go to Switzerland and then to Capri, in 1996 he opened the restaurant in Capri "Sollievo" in 2012 becomes Restaurant D'Amore. The decision to use his last name not want to emphasize the person but give to the visitor a picture of the house where reigns the spirit of hospitality in the name of familiarity.

Teresa D’Amore

Is the lady of the house, where the welcome is expressed at Restaurant D'Amore. With his grace and his exquisite courtesy, she takes guests from arrival until "arrivederci", she also overseeing the kitchen and carefully taking care of the feedback that customers give of the dishes.

Tonino ed Antonella D’Amore

With professionalism and discretion, are responsible for the operational and administrative part of the restaurant, with a special dedition to the careful selection and purchase of raw materials. Tonino D'Amore, a professional sommelier FISAR, also deals with the selection of wines along with his brother Marco D'Amore.

Marco D’Amore

Is he who, with its considerable experience in marketing and consulting for hotel chains and hotels of international level, he edited the new concept of Restaurant D'Amore to fully satisfy the needs of an international clientele that tends to look for places that are less formal but more convivial and welcoming. Marco D'Amore is also in charge of marketing, pr, and events organized by the Restaurant D'Amore.