D'Amore Capri Restaurant

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The cuisine draws perfectly the idea of the "new old image" ferrying the guest from the ancient flavours of the golden years of the island of Capri through the classics of renowned Neapolitan cuisine, up to the fantasies of the most curious palates and eye-catching of the new century. For this la carte Restaurant D'Amore is divided into plates of "Ancient Tradition" flat "Classics" and "Fantasies of the Chef."
Here, then, that the menu of the restaurant D'Amore, expertly edited by Executive Chef Gerardo Daniel, turns into a journey through taste from the 50s to the present day, offering diners the experience of a long history of food and wine that belongs exclusively to the island of Capri and the broader appreciated, healthy and famous Mediterranean cuisine, the pride in the world for the Campania region.